Guate Bonita

Why is your group called Guate Bonita?

Guate is short for the country Guatemala and Bonita means pretty in Spanish. Even though we are interested in helping and learning about many other countries, Guatemala is our first country of focus so that’s why we named our club Guate Bonita!

Why Guatemala?

Emily (our founding president) ‘s mother is from Guatemala, and she went to visit family over the summer of 2010 for six weeks. While she was there, she noticed many college students were traveling the country with their friends and she decided that she was going to do the same. So she invited her friends to go with her to Guatemala for Spring break!

Why are you fundraising?

As more and more people showed interest in going to Guatemala, we decided to use this opportunity and do some good in the world. We began doing clothing drives, which Emily had previously done her freshman year. Once we all met we began to realize, why not go ahead and try to get other donations? Maybe help out a local school or community center while we can. So we began fundraising by collecting monetary donations, and asking for people to donate their time or some baked goods to sell at the Phi Delta Theta gates so we could gather some cash, and voila! That’s what we’re doing 🙂

Why are we doing this?

There is a a lot to know about the culture and languages of Guatemala that is still completely new to students. On our trips to Guatemala we will be not only visiting and donating money to the school, but also traveling abroad and learning about the people and their culture.


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