Our Mission

We found that learning about different cultures and taking note of the traditions they hold is a common interest. We understand the importance of tradition and the variety of those traditions throughout the world.

We have made it our mission to learn about a variety of different cultures and help sustain those by sharing the information we learn with others.

We also hope to help in sustaining those cultures through collecting donations.


Our trips to Guatemala will be an opportunity for us to begin our new dive into culture. We plan to visit the new parts of cities and the traditional locations, such as Antigua, the capital of Guatemala until 1776. There we can learn about those cultures, taking note of the traditional language, music, and customs, while also giving back.

We have begun to conduct fundraising, where all the money will go to an elementary school located in a small town called Nueva Santa Rosa, Guatemala. This school has experienced severe damage to their kitchen, which has made it difficult to prepare food for the children. We are giving monetary and clothes donations to this school in hopes of creating an even more positive environment for the children, and convenience for the parents and teachers as well. We want to dedicate time out of each semester to celebrate and support a culture like that of the Guatemalans. We plan to conduct this mission through our new organization entitled Guate Bonita, standing for Beautiful Guatemala.


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