Sponsor School

Quick Facts About the School

  • School Name: Official Mixed Rural School of the Town of El Chupadero in Nueva Santa Rosa Guatemala
  • Principal: Ronald Haroldo Luna Moràn
  • 230+ students
  • 75% of the students can’t afford basic school supplies, such as pencils, crayons, notebooks, rulers, pens, sharpeners, etc. However, through fundraising and drives, we’ve been able to donate many school supplies to the children!
  • The school currently has no working restrooms.  After our Spring 2011 project, they now have restrooms!
  • The kitchen uses a firewood stove.
  • There is no playground or toys for the children to play with. During our 2011-2012 trip we were able to donate lots o toys and games for the children!
  • There are not enough desks and chairs for all the students. Most students share desks and some children even use cinder blocks as seats.

Projects for the School

  • Cost to build 6 bathrooms (material & labor): $1800.00 or Q14,400.oo (local currency)  Completed!
  • Cost to repair kitchen (material & labor): $3,850.00 or Q30,101.00 (local currency)
  • Cost to build a fence
  • Cost to cement the playground
  • Cost of building/office for teachers

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